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Masters in Library Information Science


Master of Arts in Teaching Secondary School English


Bachelors in English


High School Diploma


Teaching Highlights


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Chamber of Commerce


Executive Summary

* 20+ years experience in the K-12 Education market
* Advisor and Technology consultant to MISD Technology Director on Purchase and Deployment (including 1:1 iPad deployment and cloud-based back up for 1,700 students
* Adept at leveraging Social Media and Gamification to collaborate and teach (industry leaders - Mobi from BrainPop and others - follow me on Twitter; Game Applications researched and tested for student-learning use)
* Front-End client-side GUI design expertise utilizing Adobe (Dreamweaver & Illustrator) and the HID (Human Interface Design) by Apple
* Seasoned Presenter at statewide conferences and international conventions (Guerilla Marketing at SXSW Interactive; Student-Centered Products at International Society for & Technology in Education)
* * Published June 2014: Ash, Cathleen. "Open Mic @ Your Library! | Programs That Pop." Library Journal. Library Journal, 10 June 2014. Web. 20 June 2014. <>.


Challenging position blending both education, training and technology experience into an opportunity to provide, learn and grow.



* Project Management and Front-end Design using Adobe (Dreamweaver/Illustrator) to spec software* * Comfortable in social media space (Mobi from BrainPop follows me on Twitter)
* App friendly, iPad & PC friendly
* Database friendly, Novelle Network Manager (back in the day)
* Began with DOS and 10" floppies, and never stopped teaching self new tech


* 17+ years in the high school and adult teaching field
* Student-centered, hands-on, group-based learning expert (experienced in PBL also)
* Project-Based learning experience with year-long Freshmen, Sophomore, Senior Projects
* Increased library and book usage (triple)

Training & Marketing

* Lead trainer on multiple classes and events (MPact, SXSW, TCEA, ISTE)
* Prezi,, and Twitter used widely throughout trainings for take-aways and back-channel
* 21st Century Library Transition marketed to Board, Funding approved, installed Summer 2014
* Twitter, Facebook, List Serves, e-mail proficient for marketing


2008-Present Manor High School, Manor, Texas
* High School Librarian - perform all library duties for 1,700+ population
* Restructure and market new library with 22-station computer center and 1,000+ new books
* Design and implement events (Open Mic Night, Ironman Triathlon, Library Club, Manga Madness)
* Increased library and book usage (triple)
* 21st Century Library update approved and installed Summer 2014 ($40k+ furniture redesign)

2003-2008 Irvington High School, Fremont, California
Library Media Services Specialist
* High School Librarian - perform all library duties for 2,000+ population
* Act as Technology back-up to Server/Computer repair technician
* IISME (Initiatives in Science and Math Education) Fellowship 2006 (Intel) and 2007 (Synopsys)
2002-2003 Oakland, California
* TeacherWeb Contract (designed/created Visual/Interactive Training CD)
* Computer Consultant/Trainer (Washington, D.C. to Pleasanton, CA)
* Wrote and illustrated six children's stories; produced visual aids for speaker presentations; taught for University of Phoenix
2000-2002 moOFus Software, Inc., Oakland, California
Marketing Director/Project Manager/Multimedia Developer
* Designed Logo, branding campaign, marketing events, product and company collateral
* Planned and implemented national exhibits (Oracle, KFOG)
* Committee Liaison for publicity of firm (Chamber of Commerce Committees)
* Designed and produced interactive web-based Documentation/Reference Manual
* Developed front-end GUI, graphics and multimedia for software
1998-2000 Irvington High School, Fremont, California
English Teacher
* Taught Sophomore & Senior English & QUEST Senior Project
* Presented at seminars (benchmarks) and trained staff in State Standard work
* Technology Associate: trained staff and maintained 300+ computers on campus
* Designed, created and implemented 30-computer Reading Lab w/ networked software
1997-1998 Federal Way High School, Federal Way, Washington
English Teacher
* Taught five classes of Junior English
1995-1997 Travel & Work, New Hampshire-Korea and in-between
* English Conversation in South Korea, Created At-Risk Youth Program in King County
* A/P for Neuro-rehab Center, computer system/software for AIDS Quilt company
1987-1994 Signal Capital Corporation, Danvers, Massachusetts
* Senior Portfolio Analyst restructured & repossessed for equipment leasing company
1985-1987 Harvard Graduate School of Education, Cambridge, Massachusetts
* HR functions for Dean of Academic & Student Services, including Tenure Searches

Credential, Transcripts, References
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Teaching & Training

ISTE 2013
Animate This! Using Popplet, Animoto, and Rubistar for Student-Centered Products

iPadPalooza 2013
Animoto, Popplet & Student Videos

iPadPalooza 2013
Les Comix en Francais
iPad Meets Teen Angst - in French

ESC Region VIII Literacy Summit 2013
Technology, TEKS & Takeaways!

SXSW 2013 Education
Book Talks: Animoto,
Popplet & Student Videos

TCCA: Technology Curriculum Conference in Aldine 2012
Animoto in Education

iPadPalooza 2012
Animoto, Popplet & Rubistar

SXSW 2012 Interactive
Guerilla Marketing @ Your Library

SXSW 2012 Education
Animate This! Using Popplet, Animoto, and Rubistar for Student-Centered Products


Summer Tech Contracts

Synopsys, Inc.
Determined capabilities of Window SharePoint Portal Services & Server and matched to needs of department

Intel Corporation
Researched world-wide funding strategies for technology in education; focus on Texas, southern California and current legal cases in New York and Pennsylvania

Federal Aviation Administration
Project Manager for development of real-time database tracking system

Federal Aviation Administration
Coordinated year-in-review presentation, combining varied department drafts into a cohesive whole (182 slides, all-day presentation)