Best Practices - ASH July 2006 - IISME/Intel

Here are the links discussed in class: 2 zip files, MLA Citation, Research, Plagiarism & Lesson online!

NOTE: click here to get to IISME/Intel Lesson Plan

Description of It
Documents All of the documents from July 6 Meeting (to open the index to them, click here)

The two "movies" from July 6th (about 7 megabytes)

Note: if the research movie does NOT work for you (it's an *.exe file for PCs) click here for a *.swf "Mac-friendly" version!

MLA Citation  
OWL @ Purdue

The Online Writing Lab at Purdue Univeristy. Scroll down about a page, page and a half to see links to

  • Basic Paper Format
  • Works Cited Page

and more!

Citation Machine This on-line, fill-in-the-blank reference citing page is fantastic! It covers both MLA and APA. It is similar to in that you enter information, click submit, and the reference is correctly sited for you. What I like about this site better is that it covers many more options (web page, magazine, subscription database, etc.). However, for younger users, I'd recommend

There are two choices here - and both are good! For the first - you need to create a password/logon - it's free. It allows you to keep a folder of all of your references. Play around with it and see which one works for you/your grade level!

NoodleBib MLA Starter: Free, simplified MLA version of NoodleBib for our youngest scholars (grades 1-5, ESL). Full bibliography creation, limited citation types.

NoodleBib Express: Individual MLA or APA citations. All citation types from NoodleBib 6 available. No login required.


Search Engines  

Librarians' Internet Index

From the "about us" part of the site: You can also search and browse our website for the best of the Web. We have tens of thousands of entries, also maintained by our librarians, and organized into 14 main topics and nearly 300 related topics.

NOTE: by clicking "education" then "k-12" then "lesson plans" you get to links (arranged by topic) of online lesson plans (


Internet Public Library

From the main page blurb: The IPL was founded by a class at the University of Michigan’s School of Information, and Michigan SI students almost exclusively generated its content and managed the Ask a Question reference service. Soon, 14 other schools will be actively taking part in the development and maintenance of the IPL.

NOTE: I've found this site hard to search - BUT - recently they added to links to the left that are very helpful: TeenSpace and KidSpace.


This site is a paid/subscription site that our PTSA funded for us - two years in a row! The subscription is not outrageous - and the benefits are fantastic.

If you scroll down this page a bit - you'll see an icon with a "View Report" and you'll see a sample of what the teachers get (with a bunch of obnoxious boxes describing what you're looking at! Those are NOT on the reports you get - don't worry!).

Rochester Institute of Technology This site walks students AND teachers through interactive tutorials on plagiarism – a great way to get your students to understand the many ways it can occur
Owl @ Purdue another site in OWL – a good overview of plagiarism with a practice at the end
English Centre Hosted on the English Centre of the University of Hong Kong, the author of this site offers a number of valuable items – it provides clear definitions, and then two texts and 5 student papers from them. For each student sample, you are asked to determine if the paper plagiarizes or not – and when you submit your response, an auto-generated teacher comment pops up describing the “real” answer. Very helpful.
Cool Lesson Plan Sites  
Blue Web'n Fantastic Resource! Lesson plans organized by subject, grade. Also, use Filamentality (FREE) to make your own!
The Science Spot A resource for Junior & Senior High School teachers
Math Forum

A good resource for math lessons - all ages!



This page is an "open-source" encyclopedia online. The plus side: much different coverage of a large amount of topics. The down side: all entries completed by individuals - impossible to know authority. There is a “kid-friendly” version of this too:

Grants Page

This page (eschoolnews) contains descriptions of various ongoing grants – most science/math related but all worth glancing through to 1) see if you meet criteria and 2) apply! The site (eSchool News) also provides many other items of import/information for the k-20 educator regarding technology solutions.