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March 25, 2002 PRESS RELEASE moOFus Software, Inc., a pioneer in software development, today announced its planned demonstration of Pick N' Put (PNP) at the upcoming Oracle AppsWorld, April 7-10th, in San Diego, California. At the show, moOFus plans to demonstrate PNP, automated warehouse software that makes order picking with lights, RF guns (radio frequency), and/or voice easy to install, configure and use.

moOFus will highlight the stability and flexibility of applications developed with Cocoa on Mac OS X. The back-end runs on any machine using a Unix kernel, and the front-end sports the easy to use graphical user interface for which Apple has always been famous. moOFus is at the forefront of creating high-end yet easy-to-use software applications. Customers need products that not only do what they are intended to do, but allow the customers to use them - without extensive training or software engineers on call twenty-four hours a day.

"Pick N' Put is taking warehouse automation software to a new level. It combines the stability of the Unix kernel and the dynamic flexibility of Oracle with a futuristic, easy-to-use GUI. It's going to knock their socks off. Warehouses have never dreamed automated shipment preparation could be so easy. Instead of being forced to wait months while engineers reconfigure their systems, or simply be told 'nope, it won't do that,' customers are now told 'sure, it can be changed in a minute.' Pick N' Put does it all." Lamar Williams, President of moOFus Software, commented when asked about the new software.

Automated order processing and picking with lights have brought the warehouse industry into the 20th century. Pick N' Put brings it into the 21st. One of the first companies to apply Mac OS X's Cocoa Developer Tools to an enterprise-level program, moOFus Software is stepping ahead of its competitors by providing enterprise-level software with easy-to-use GUIs.

Utilizing the new Mac OS X look and feel for front-end, user-friendly interaction, and AIX, HPUX or Solaris for back-end stability and throughput, this software sets a new standard for application development. Its transaction-based design allows users to see changes made to the system immediately, and to implement the changes with little or no down-time.

Oracle AppsWorld will be the first venue for public demonstration of the new Pick N' Put software. It allows the software industry a chance to look at the future of software development: what's needed now. Through demonstration of Pick N' Put at the moOFus Software booth (2718), attendees will see how quality software can perform complex, multi-tiered tasks and remain easy to use and comprehensible for the customer.






Since 1988, Lamar Williams, President of moOFus Software, has been developing and supporting software. He has been involved in all levels of production, from design to development and implementation, and has often been called on-site to rectify problems caused by other poorly designed software. Known in the industry as the programmer who "gets the job done," Lamar formed his own company and currently consults on all types of software projects. A major client, one of the leaders in the automated warehouse software field, uses moOFus Software as their primary software consultant.

2001 saw Lamar begin a new project, one that encompassed all of his experience in the industry and as a programmer. He hired the best GUI designers and applied his back-end support expertise to the creation of new order picking software. The software makes its debut on April 1, 2002. The company continues to excel in its consultant capacity; its programmers meeting and exceeding the needs and expectations of the clients. Problems other consultants spent months trying to resolve are solved in weeks when handed to moOFus. Its reputation for quality and productivity has made moOFus Software one of the best software consulting companies in the field.

moOFus currently provides front-end (GUI) and back-end (programming and database) support for all kinds of software projects. It specializes in GUI (Graphical User Interface) applications for the Mac OS X platform and server applications for Unix platforms, including: AIX, HPUX, Linux, Mac OS X, and Solaris. Database applications are supported with Oracle and Informix and device drivers are supported on Linux.


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