Mental Health

Mental Health

Here are some links to help you get started!  Good luck.

Internet Links

National Institute of Mental Health - a good BROAD and NARROW spot to find 
information. Click on MENTAL HEALTH TOPICS to get started! (It's near the top
middle of the screen).

Mental Health Resources on the Internet - a Pathfinder (someone already put 
the links together for you!). The first four links on this site are great 
BROAD and NARROW resources. Scroll down to the middle of the page under MENTAL
Under Center For Mental Health Services is a link to MENTAL HEALTH LINKS. Use

Kids Health is a great place to find information - click on TEENS then on Your
MIND. Scroll down to see links on various mental health disorders.

Alameda County Library - a GREAT resource (BROAD and NARROW) for *many* 
subject areas!  The best two ways to enter are through the TEEN ROOM or the 
HOMEWORK HELP sections.  You MUST have your Alameda County Library Card 
(it's FREE!) to access these online databases.  GO GET ONE!

Citation Machine - part of the Landmark Project - this is a great tool to 
help you with MLA citation - or just tracking the resources you've used. 
It's a fill-in-the-blank setup. Once you fill in the blanks and click 
submit - cut and paste the information into a word document. When you're 
done - you have one document with all of your sources listed on it!

Ms. Ash's "MLA HELP" website!  If the confuses you - go 
here and it explains it pretty clearly.

Librarians Index to the Internet - this is a great BROAD information website 
to start searching for information. Use KEYWORDS (from your brainstorming) 
to get just-the-right information you need.
Librarian's Internet Index