Cathleen E. Ash


Resume Cover Letter

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-        Accomplishments

o      Patron Visit increase - 3-year chart showing steady increase of student use

o      New Program Implementation

       Booktalks - working with Advisory (homeroom) teachers, implemented booktalks on a weekly basis for students' outside reading choices

       Anime - Hosted two annual anime release parties in the library in collaboration with the Anime Club; attendance doubled the second year and a third annual event is planned

       LAN - sponsored technogoly students' Winter WonderLAN 2k6, 60 attendees, over $400 raised for technology purchases in the library, and corporate sponsorship (raffle prizes) organized by students

       TeacherWeb (statistics) - During 2 years implementing/running program, achieved 80% teacher participation - much higher than administration aniticipated

-        Training

o      QUEST: PowerPoint (all seniors) - in under 2 weeks, taught almost 500 seniors the basics of PowerPoint using one computer lab and an online follow-up training document; at the bottom of this page of research links, you will find a button for PowerPoint Tutorials

o      Change Project (all freshman) - in conjunction with the Freshman Benchmark Coordinator (Science Department) taught all freshman a two-day "research process" class and included a page of links to help them explore and succeed at their Change Project

o      TeacherWeb (implementation, CD) - after training the school staff on utilizing TeacherWeb, contacted the company and offered to re-work the training materials in a professional format. Contract terms established and training CD completed; now in use as manual for all TeacherWeb contacts at schools using this online software

-        Collaboration

o      Propoganda - collaborated with English teacher on a Junior class, 2004, propaganda and media marketing lesson; lesson ran six weeks and almost all student final products were far superior to what was anticipated; the teacher button at the bottom of the page will allow you to see the collaborative lesson plans as laid out by our combined efforts

o      Book Reviews - in addition to the booktalks (link above), offered Book Reviews: By Teens and For Teens where students classified their current reading by genre and created a sales pitch for their peers about their book; these reviews were then posted, in multi-color-by-genre-format, in the lobby of the library

o      Benchmarks (U.N.) - in addition to supporting the Freshman and Senior Benchmarks, recently collaborated with the sophomore class leader on the U.N. Benchmark, creating a web page with basic links to begin the research process



-        Site Plan (available at district website pages 57-71) - based on district-required template, created and updated (annually) the school site library plan

-        WebCat Search Strategy Poster - created a poster (final size 4 X 6 feet - to be printed when funding available) to assist students in utilizing the online library catalog

-        Parent Newsletter Advertising Blocks Irvington Library - create timely notices and advertisements for the bi-monthly school newsletter


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-        The Fine Art of Resumes First, Do No Harm - wrote an article for the Oakland Chamber of Commerce/East Bay Women in Business Roundtable press, covering do's and dont's in resume writing



-        Weird & Wild @ Your Library (Flyer & Bookmark) - kicked off 2005-2006 school year with a booth at "Maze Day" where incoming freshman pick up their schedules and familiarize themselves with the school; the booth promoted the theme of Information Literacy and provided applications for public library cards; in addition, each teacher received a flyer indicating the new and exciting activities planned for the upcoming year


(include only on Business/Corporate applications)

-        MoOFus KFOG Kaboom, Oracle

-        Chamber of Commerce

o      EBWIBR Breakfast Flyer

o      Ambassador Trainer Supporting documents


Computers, Technology


o      Front Page Vikings Library homesite, created and maintained off-school

o      GSA Page - in conjunction with the GSA club on campus, created a website for local links, great reads, and other important information

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o      Ashworks

-        FAA Project Manager

o      Coordinated three different company departments to ensure needs of client met in database design

o      Drafted and show-cased front-end design (used for final product)

-        MoOFus Front-End design

o      Apple Human Interface Manual read, understood, applied

o      Layout of front-end reviewed with Apple V.P. and confirmed as meeting all requirements and utilizing the MAC OSX in unique and inspiring manner.

-        TeacherWeb

o      Creation of CD and online interactive Training Manual

o      Distribute to all schools using the online software tool