Presentation to School Board February 2005


Each year in February, the monthly (open) meeting of the School Board for our district recognizes the achievements of the school libraries. These include use, collection development and other state standard (measurable) items. All schools meet or exceed state standards in one or more categories each year.

The awards are given in the Board Meeting Room, with all School Board members present and a large number of community members (including other teachers, administrators, parents, students, and local business members). It is a perfect opportunity to clearly identify the need for increased funding.

This year, the focus will be on applauding the district for supporting Library Media Teachers in the high schools, and requesting additional funding for the areas that need it most: technology and collection development.

The statistics support the great strides this community has taken in ensuring an information-literate student-body, but even greater strides are needed with the decrease in state funding. The presentation ties in both national and state cross-curricular standards, and the ALA Information Literacy standards. This presentation will be the first time that most of the people present see these items, so they will be presented in a clear, and non-overwhelming fashion.

The presentation also uses pictures of all of the high school libraries – most members of the audience will recognize their own school library while watching the presentation.


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