In the summer of 2006, I participated in IISME (Industry Initiatives for Science and Math Education). I applied for and received a Fellowship at Intel Corporation in Santa Clara, California. I spent my summer working with the Mobility Platform Group at Intel, researching technology in education and how it is funded.

This research benefited not only Intel, but also my school, where some of the research I'd done was shared with colleagues, increasing their access to various funding programs.

As part of IISME's Fellowship, I was also able to apply for a FFI grant. This Fund For Innovation grant was designed to encourage and support technology in education.

My Grant - “You’ve Got to See This!” Online Booktalks – By Teens For Teens - was accepted and $1,000 was received to purchase video production equipment. The equipment will be used to record students "selling" books they've read to other students.

With parental permission, the students' videos will be accessible via the Internet and students can hear and see book reviews done by their peers.

To view the Grant Proposal, please click here (Word document).