Below is an e-mail (from me) and a response (from the ALA) concerning copyright / fair use request to utilize information from the ALA's website on my own site.

December 2004




Hi Cathy-

I'm Steve Stratton, co-chair of the GLBT Round Table of ALA. I like your
page and I think that your recognition of our copyright is fine.

I do want you to add a couple things if you could do that for us. First
the 2004 winners were omitted from your page. Could you add these to
your lists also? Plus is there any way to distinguish between the actual
winners of the award and the Honor Books that are effectively runner ups
in the categories?

Otherwise I think it looks great and I look forward to meeting you
someday at one of our meetings or socials during an ALA conference.


Steve Stratton, Assoc. Professor &
Head of Collections and Technical Services
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Camarillo, CA 93012

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Anne L. Moore and Stephen Stratton:

Please see the message below from Cathleen Ash, who used GLBTRT's
extensive resources to complete a project!

Feel free to respond to Cathleen Ash directly.

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Hi -

I'm currently a member of the ALA (YALSA/GLBTQRT) and a

As a student at San Jose State University's MLIS program, I have just
completed a mini-project for one of my classes.

In it, I provided references, resources and links for YA exploring or
questioning their sexuality.

I have created a page using the materials found on your YALSA Stonewall
Book Awards page

To view the page, please go to:

I have included the appropriate citation and copyright information -
but wanted to make sure it was OKAY with YOU!

Please let me know if this use of your information constitutes Fair Use
- and if not, please advise and I will take the page down immediately!

Thank you for your help -

(Cathleen Ash - membership number: 1132438)