In the first semester of the 2006-2007 school year, a teacher approached me about A Single Shard by Linda Sue Park. Having spent almost a year teaching in Korea, I thought I could support her approach to the book with an "intro" to the students about basic cultural mores and the geography of the land. I took a lot of pictures while in Korea, and put together pictures that would help show some of the elements of the book. In addition, I put in some classic "me" pictures so the students could get a sense of my humor and become more comfortable both with me and the library.

The book includes a journey by a young orphan, and with the teacher-librarian collaboration, the students were able to get a sense of how difficult it was to be an orphan in a culture that focused a lot on family, and also how tough it was to traverse a mountainous terrain. I showed a slide show (movie format - Flash) and talked about the slides as I went. The slide show is here for viewing. (Note: to lighten the mood as the lesson progressed, you'll notice some music snippets...these worked wonderfully! The students laughed and were suprised, then settled back and focused on the lesson again as we went to the next slide).


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