Student & Teacher Feedback on Various Lessons

As with all things I do, I keep an eye open to improvements, modifications, streamlining processes and ensuring that all goes well.

When teaching lessons, whether it be with one teacher's class, or sharing research tips with a whole grade of students (500+), I ask for feedback. A few moments at the end of the lesson are kept for Evaluation Forms, often asking the same types of questions:

Typically, one or two other questions are added - related specifically to the content or the lesson approach. Once I've reviewed student responses, changes are made to improve the lessons for the next round!

The BookTalk lesson - where students review books and share their reviews with each other, was one example. To view the lesson, please visit Evidence for Competency K (see Transformations)

To view the summary of student evaluations, please click on the Word document.

Another great response venue is the teachers' or students' (be they high school students or adults!) e-mails. After a Health Lesson, the teacher send an e-mail to our Principal and copied me on it. The text of the e-mail can be read (but names have been modified for Internet Protection).

More recently, I had the opportunity to work with the PTSA during one of their meetings, and the response was very positive. I have quoted some of the e-mail's text below.


Thank you so much for staying and giving your awesome presentation!!!!!! ...We put a notice on the PTSA NewsFlash and the CCA Newsflash. I now have spent time with {PTSA sponsor's daughter} and some of your links- maybe she is getting that google isn't the ONLY way to search!