Recent studies prove libraries increase a student's academic achievement.

Don't let your library be cut from the state budget.

Libraries fought long and hard to be a "line item" on the state budget. Being a "line item" means that money is designated for improving libraries and must be used, exclusively, by libraries. The funds are spent on improving the book collection so it is relevant to today's students and their curriculum needs, providing copier & copy supplies for students to print and copy their work, ensuring computers and technology are available to students in the libraries, and purchasing supplies and other needed equipment to make the library as fully-functional as possible.


Current proposed budget changes (at the state level) would allow each district and school to apply funds intended for libraries to anything they want. Anything. Any district or school could take ALL library funds. Not a dime would go to ensuring your student's academic success by keeping the library functioning.

Please, contact your state and local representatives, even your Governor's office, and let them know your child's academic success is important: you want your libraries funded.

Let everyone know your libraries make a difference, and you want to see them funded!

written by Cathleen Ash 3/26/04


To view the impact of the proposed budget changes, please visit the California School Library Association website: Governor Unveils 2004-05 State Budget

For state links to government offices, please visit: Locate Your Legislator

(NOTE: FAX letters to government officials tend to carry more weight than e-mail!)

For national links to government offices, please visit the site: Contact Your Elected Officials


For more information on some of the recent studies, indicating an 18-25% increase in Standardized Test results, please visit: Dick & Jane Go to the Head of the Class or How School Librarians Help Kids Achieve Standards