TeacherWeb Liaison

When I began at Irvington as a Library Media Teacher (2003-2004), a group of teachers, the PTSA, and the school administration agreed that employing TeacherWeb across the campus would be a good idea.

TeacherWeb is an online site to help teachers communicate with parents and students. It is an easy-to-use, friendly web page that teachers can create in moments.

I became the PTSA/Teacher Liaison for TeacherWeb and was responsible for training the staff and parents on its use. In addition, I worked with the PTSA to create marketing promotions to encourage its use. I also tracked the statistics over two years (of teachers employing TeacherWeb in their classes), and lastly, I communicated directly with TeacherWeb over the following summer about creating a Training CD.

Below are some of the items indicating the work done both as a librarian at the high school, and as a contractor over the summer. At the bottom of this page are a couple of screen shots from the CD Training Manual created for TeacherWeb.com.

Intro Movie to Staff Encouraging teachers to try TeacherWeb by showing a couple of in-house examples
Training PowerPoint Original PowerPoint created to train teachers and parents in use of TeacherWeb
Marketing/Statistics PowerPoint used during staff meeting to encourage continued use - collaborated with the PTSA to design