The Change Project: MLA Help

Having trouble with your paper?  Hate MLA Citation?

Here are two links that will help - a lot!

NOTE: all "OWL" links are from Purdue University Online Writing Lab (OWL). (copyright)

MLA Examples

The *best* MLA information on the web - with examples and easy-to-read explanations of what to do.

Note: Tips on how to use this page below

MLA fill-in-the-blank

The Landmark Project lets you "fill-in-the-blanks" to create your Works Cited page - beware! It does NOT capitalize properly. And, of course, you must put the right information into the right box!

Note: if you're not sure how to use it, click here to watch a demo!

DEMO OnLine (slow!)

DEMO Save to Desktop (faster!) NOTE: Choose "Save" instead of "Open"


Tips on How to Use the MLA Format Page



If you page down twice, you'll see the list of items covered on this web page.  This is great if you want a general understanding of a broad topic (about MLA).

For Example: if you wanted to know how to cite something, you could click on the Works Cited List.



You are now about halfway down the page (you can tell by the scroll bar on the right). This talks in a general way about how to actually create the Works Cited page (yes, it is double spaced).




If you page down a couple of more times, you come to "Basic forms for Sources in Print." Here's where you can find out how to cite a book, a web page, an interview, and more!

Let's say you don't want to read ALL there is to know about MLA; you just want to know how to cite an interview.

It's Easy! Just go to the main menu and click on EDIT and then on FIND



Type in the word you're looking for and click FIND NEXT. Voila! You're at the point in the document where they talk about citing interviews!

Note: This works in most web-browser windows - and can be used while reading research materials, too! By using this tool, you can focus your reading and research efforts on exactly what you need.